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Thursday, May 29, 2003
     WCWN Offline at Alloro
*The Attendees
*The Wines
  *Photos of our Evening
Friday, May 30, 2003
     Cornas Masterclass Seminar
     Syrah:  Just the Facts, Ma'am Seminar
     A Rhône Fête Feast - Lunch
     Library & Barrel Auction Preview Tasting
Saturday, May 31, 2003
     Torbreck:  What's in a Name?  Seminar
     The Wines of Kongsgaard Seminar
     Lunch by the girl & the fig
     Hospice du Rhône Barrel Auction
     The Grand Tasting
     Farewell Gala BBQ
On Thursday evening seventeen members of the WCWN (West Coast Wine Net) community gathered together at Alloro for an evening of wine and food.  The food was exceptional.  We started with several appetizers of which many were shared.  My favorite was the Prosciutto e Portobello appetizer (a wonderfully grilled portobello topped with roasted peppers and served on a bed of thinly sliced prosciutto and finished with a fruity olive oil).  Jimmie enjoyed Calamari Fritti.  Another popular appetizer was thinly sliced dried beef served with arugula and shaved parmesan.  For main events, the wild boar and lamb shank were two of the popular choices.  Also the mushroom ravioli was quite a hit.  Desserts were decadent and amazingly delicious.  Jimmie & I shared a piece of raspberry cheesecake.  Others shared chocolate desserts, gelato and other creative wonders.  Fabrizio has put together a class-act of a restaurant.  The service quick, efficient and non-intrusive.  The very few minor glitches were handled rapidly to the satisfaction of all.  
The wines were quite a mixed collection.  The goal was a non-theme theme.  Two of the wines were corked (Carlisle Dry Creek Zin 1999 and the Lamborghini Campeolone 2000), but there was still plenty of wines to sample throughout the evening.  We received a partial bottle of Hermitage from Tom Hill's table and shared many of our bottles with several of the surrounding tables, as well as with the staff at Alloro.  
All in all it was an amazing evening.  As this was the first offline event that Jimmie & I had attended, we were very happy with the outcome.  We enjoyed Alloro so much that we opted to share a couple of their pizzas for our Friday evening dinner.  Delicious!  I'm looking forward to my next meal there.
List of Attendees
*Steve & Barb South *Paul & Claudia Eccles
*Bob & Carol Davis *Frank Joyce & MaryAnne Barnett
*Charlie & Pat Chadwick *Sue Martinez
*David Chan *Christine Huang
*Jimmie & Becca Wellman *Scott Montgomery & Ruth Howald

A List of the Wines

*Ravenswood Cabernet Franc 1997
*Viberti Eraldo Barolo 1993
*Antinori Solaia 1995
*Lamborghini Campeolone 2000
*M. Marengo Brunate Barolo 1996
*Bussola TB Recioto 1996 & 1998
*Viña Landiano Reserva 1996
*Chateau Pavie 1999
*Torbreck Run Rig 1999
*La Bernardina Ceretto 1996
*Carlisle - Russian River Zin 1998
*Carlisle - Dry Creek Zin 1999
*Carlisle - Alexander  Zin 2000
*Carlisle - Sonoma Zin 2001
*La Rêve Domaine Carneros Taittinger Sparkling 1996
*Taittinger Champagne (Reims) NV
*Palmina Nebbiolo 2000
*Barbaresco Pora Vineyard Riserva 1989 & 1990
Photos of our Evening
Jimmie ensures everyone gets a little bubbly to start off the evening David, Charlie, Pat, Steve
Claudia & Christine Paul, Barb, Carol, Scott, Charlie, Pat & Steve
Bob, Ruth, Scott, Charlie, Pat Charlie, Scott, Bob, Carol
Charlie, Scott & Ruth The Gang of WCWN (with Fabrizio in the background)
Christine, Mary Anne, Fabrizio Christine, Mary Anne, David
Sue, Frank & Paul A few of the bottles
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