August 1, 2001

Itinerary   Had breakfast in the hotel (pretty good American buffet), then went for another walk.  Found Maison du Chocolate and Fauchon (didn’t buy anything).  Then we bought Metro passes and went across the river.  Tried to find Gerald Mulot, the croissant maker from my last Paris trip, but the store was closed.  We went down towards the old hotel I stayed at before to see if there was a street market, but there was not.  Instead, we got some cheese, fruit, beverages, gin, ‘pagne, and some munchies.  ‘becca also got some postcards.  For dinner we went to Brasserie Flottes, close to the hotel.  ‘becca wanted steak frites; I got duck confit.  Our wine was ’95 Chateau Fombrauge and glasses of ‘pagne.  ‘becca’s “steak” turned out to be hamburger; not only hamburger, but hamburger de cheval (horsemeat!).  She was also starting to develop a rather nasty sounding cough.  We got T-shirts for Emma & Ellie prior to dinner.  Back at the hotel we had ‘pagne and Armagnac in the hotel bar.
View from our room Evening view from room
Jimmie shopping at the cheese shop
Hospice du Rhone