August 4, 2001

Itinerary   Not a very restful sleep for 'becca, We arose ~7:30, packed up, had breakfast, checked out, and I hit the pharmacie before our group got on the road.

First stop: Georges Vernay, where we were met by son-in-law, Paul. Note: the slopes the vines grow on have to be seen to be believed! I have never seen such steep slopes being cultivated! They make AMV's hillsides look flat! Paul provided a very informative talk on Mr. Vernay and Condrieu.

Wines tasted: 
· '00 "Les Terraces de l'Empire" Condrieu 
· '99 "Les Chaillées de L'Enfer" 
· '99 "Coteau de Vernon" · '99 Côte Rôtie 
· '98 "Maison Rouge" Côte Rôtie

At 11:51 we arrived at the property of Y. Cuilleron. He gave us a nice tour of his fairly small space, then tasted us through a few wines.

Wines tasted: 
· '00 St. Joseph "Le Lombard" (marsanne) 
· '99 '00 St. Joseph "Les Serine" (syrah); note: "serine" is a local term for syrah 
· '99 Côte Rôtie "Terres Sombres"

Then, it was off to lunch in Ampuis at Bistrot à Vin de Serine, where we joined by Y. Gangloff. Dinner was interesting. The food had sort of an Italian style to it. Various wines were served as well.

· olives (spicy, with some orange) 
· some sort of muffin-like thing with cheese in a red sauce 
· chicken with melted cheese & pasta 
· crème brûlée

· '99 Jacques Lemenicier St. Péray (marsanne) 
· '99 Bernard Gripa St. Péray (marsanne) 
· '99 Gilles Robin "Cuvée Albéric Bouvet"(Croze Hermitage) 
· '99 Domaine Combier Clos de Grives (Croze Hermitage)

It was Way Hot in the restaurant, and we couldn't wait to get back into some real AC.

Jimmie at Georges Vernay Paul of Georges Vernay
Landscape & Vineyards of the Condrieu Vineyards of the Condrieu
Jimmie at Domaine Yves Cuilleron Jimmie checking the inventory at Y. Cuilleron
'becca checking out the barrels! Yves Cuilleron
Outside the winery Le Cote Rotie Restaurant & Bistrot à Vin de Serine, Ampuis
Our lunch group (both Yves on the near end)
Hospice du Rhone