August 11, 2001

Itinerary   Awoke at 5:55am.  Our 6:00am wake-up call never came.  We finished packing, had breakfast, settled our account, and rode to the Lyon airport with Sam & Ellie.  We got checked in, with our bags checked all the way through to LAX.  I bought some nougats for the Kinamed folks.  Bob & Barb from S.B. were on our Paris flight.  Our plane was 30 minutes late, but we got to Charles de Gaulle in plenty of time.

We took a wild ride around the CdG airport on a bus system.  A hundred people in a bus built for about twenty-five.  Amazing.  We checked in at the American Airlines terminal then headed to the Admirals Club for a little relaxation before our flight home.

Hospice du Rhone