August 3, 2001

Itinerary   Last night was restless for 'becca. She was hot & had a few coughing spells. I awoke ~8:00 am and went downstairs to check out the breakfast buffet. I ran into Steve S again, and he asked how 'becca was doing and offered to see her. I got her up and had Steve take a look. He provided some antibiotics and decongestants, and she started perking up a bit later. In the AM, most of the group went on a city tour. We laid low, as we knew we were to have a late night tonight at La Pyramide. In the afternoon, Georges at "The Flying Sommelier" put on a nice wine tasting for us (300FF/person).

Our traveling companions were:

· Steve & Barb South Greensboro NC 
· Justin & Shirley Marshall, Paso Robles 
· David & Bryan Curley, San Diego 
· Sam & Ellie Fishman Tampa, FL 
· Paul & Claudia Eccles, San Diego 
· Mat Garretson, Paso Robles 
· Margaret Remmenga Lincoln, NE 
· Bob & Barb McPhillips, Santa Barbara 
· Steven & Carolyn Levy Encino 
· Al & Sylvia Remmenga, Solvang 
· Neil & JoAnne Grossman, Arroyo Grande

The wines:
· '95 Yeringberg San Marsanne (Aussie) 
· '53 La Chapelle Hermitage white (Roussanne/marsanne); this was the last vintage made of this wine 
· '61 Paul Etienne CNdP 
· '89 Bernard Faurie Hermitage (syrah) 
· '99 Incognito (Portuguese syrah) 
· '72 Karrawira's syrah port (Aussie)

After the tasting 'becca was finally hungry, so I got her a piece of 3-cheese pizza (she seems to be on the great French pizza tasting). Everyone who knows she has been ill is asking how she's doing. Nice folks.

Dinner at La Pyramide (8:12 pm).

All wines provided by the winemakers attending the dinner (* indicates those wines I liked the best): 
· Y. Gangloff '99 Condrieu 
· Y. Cuilleron '00 Condrieu "La Chaillets" 
· Y. Cuilleron '00 St. Joseph "San Pierre" (100% roussanne) 
· P. Gaillard '99 St. Joseph "Clos de Cuminaille" (syrah) 
· Y. Gangloff '97 Côte Rôtie "La Barbarine" (from magnum) 
· P. Gaillard '99 Côte Rôtie "Rose Ponpre" * 
· P. Gaillard '00 Condrieu dessert wine "Jeanne Elise" 
· Y. Gangloff '97 Condrieu dessert wine "Les Vendage de Noé" 
· Y. Cuilleron '99 Condrieu dessert wine "Essence d'Automne" * (note: very sweet, almost syrupy)

· Amuse Bouche 
· Potato Soup with Summer Truffles and Foie de Canard 
· Fish with Eggplant Caviar and Tomato Tapenade 
· Duck Breast with Legumes D'Ampuis 
· Cheese Cart (over 30 selections!) 
· Pyramide de Peches (roasted peach with apricot sorbet) 
· Petit Fours

We closed up the restaurant at 12:20 and got back to the hotel around 1:00am.

Les Cour des Loge Lobby Les Cour des Loge Lobby
La Pyramide in the Roundabout 
near the restaurant

Jimmie at La Pyramide

Hospice du Rhone