August 8, 2001

Itinerary   The usual breakfast started us out. We stopped at Tournon (across the river from Tain) to spend a few hours off the boat. Bought some cough syrup, croissant, gin, tonic, lime, lozenges, Valrhona chocolate (from the Valrhona store in Tain), pizza, and rillettes. We had lunch on the boat.

· Cold Potato Leek Soup 
· Poached Egg on toast with Red Wine Sauce 
· Redfish Filet with Fennel and Potatoes 
· Caramelized Apple Tart

We continue cruisin' up the Rhône. Saw more herons and some white & black swans. We arrived in Vienne ~8:25. Dinner was pretty good.

· Bacon-wrapped Prunes 
· Goat Cheese Terrine (goat cheese: yuk!) 
· Sauerkraut Soup (really good!) 
· Salade Provençal 
· Fish Steamed in Foil with Buttered Potatoes 
· Grilled Duck Breast with Ginger Carrots and Potatoes 
· Cheese Cart 
· Lemon Ice

· '98 Chateau Reynon Bordeaux Blanc 
· '99 Cerrito Dolcetto "Rosanna" 
· '92 Robert Gilbourg Savigny Les Beaune

Relaxing down the Rhone Tain
Tain Tournon
Foot bridge between Tain and Tournon Valrhona
Valrhona Valrhona
Valrhona View from the ship
Easing on up the river Ship's Lounge
Ship's Lounge Ship's Lounge
Hospice du Rhone