August 4, 2001

Itinerary   On to the boat cruisin' down the Rhône. We registered, went to Cabin 2 and found our luggage already in the room.  Showered up, then spent some time on deck, then had dinner (our first on the boat). Al & Sylvia have reserved a group of tables for us, so we can change who we dine with if we choose. It makes it nice to have the opportunity to sit with different folks in the group, rather than having the same seats all the time. Our dinner companions were Paul & Claudia Eccles and Steve & Barbara South. We drank both an '83 and an '88 Chambertin with dinner. Both were $70 and excellent, although the '88 had more fruit and was liked better by most of us (Steve is an "old wine" kind of guy).

· Poached Pear in Red Wine Sauce with Proscuitto 
· Cream of Asparagus Soup 
· Pan-fried Red Mullet with Champagne Risotto in a Sauce with Olives, and Artichokes 
· Veal Loin with Chanterelle & Oyster Mushrooms, Glazed Root Vegetables, Truffled Mashed Potatoes 
· Cheese Cart 
· Mousse au Chocolat

'becca ended up leaving prior to dessert due to a coughing spell. She's really having a rough time. I took her a cappuccino and dessert, but she didn't have much of either. Steve volunteered to look at her again tomorrow. I finished the night off with a Remy VSOP.

Our cabin Sitting area
Bed Jimmie enjoying the upper deck
Chess on deck Going in to our first of many locks
Going down ...and down...
Going through
Hospice du Rhone