August 5, 2001

Itinerary   Started with a nice breakfast: bacon, pancakes, croissant, pastry, grapefruit juice, coffee, toast, bubbly, and fruit. 'becca seems better this AM. Now, for the boat story: we're "stuck" near a little village called Cruas due to a malfunctioning lock. Since it's Sunday, there is no possibility for repair until tomorrow, at the earliest. Al & Sylvia are working on a contingency plan for the wine festival trip planned for this afternoon. Mat has officially lost his voice, but is otherwise feeling okay. We took a stroll into Cruas. Not much going on there, but they do have some photogenic ruins. Back at the boat, we had lunch.

· Garlic Soup 
· Pan-fried Whitefish 
· Noodle Duo 
· Lemon Layer Cake

We left for Valreas and the wine festival ~2:00. Al arranged for our bus to pick us up in Cruas. Our driver is named "Damien" (which turned out to be an "Omen"). He was a horrible driver, didn't know how to keep his seat from bouncing up & down, and didn't know how to operate the AC. After a few Km, the ladies revolted and demanded we stop so they could get some air. After some cold drinks we started up again and reached Valreas ~3:00. We got our tasting glasses and commenced sampling the local wines. The festival itself was kind of a zoo, and it was HOT, HOT, HOT! Back on the boat, we had the "Captain's Reception" in the lounge prior to dinner, where they offered some German sparkling wine.

· Salmon Tartare with Dilled Tomatoes 
· Quail Essence with Artichokes and Cépes 
· Green Salad with Almond Vinaigrette 
· Sautéed Seafood with Puff Pastry in Cream Sauce 
· Lemon Sorbet 
· Beef Tenderloin in Peppercorn Sauce with Asparagus and Potatoes 
· Cheese Cart 
· Mocha Parfait

· '00 Domaine de Beaurenard CNdP Blanc 
· '95 Hermitage "Cuvée Marquise de la Tourette"

Jimmie on the road to Cruas The ruins of Cruas
The church at Cruas Jimmie and Mat buying glasses at Valreas
Valreas Wine Festival Valreas Wine Festival
Valreas Valreas
Gypsies entertaining in Valreas Jimmie getting wine in Valreas
Hospice du Rhone