August 7, 2001

Itinerary   Had breakfast, then left the boat for a bus ride to Tain to see M. Chapoutier. We stopped in St. Péray so Mat could make some phone calls. I found the local pharmacie, got some water and munchies, and also sampled the local croissant. We made our way to Stephan Chaboud for a tasting of St. Péray wines.

· '99 St. Péray (marsanne) 
· '99 Cornas (syrah) 
· '96 sparkling St. Péray (50/50 marsanne/roussanne)

Made our way to Chapoutier, where we were met by "Pierre", who took us for a walk in the vineyards. Again, I am dazzled and amazed by the steepness of these slopes! Pierre recommended a restaurant for lunch and said we should meet him ~2:00 for a tasting. Lunch was at Le Pavillion de L'Ermitage.

· salad with salmon 
· steak with red pepper flan, polenta, and carrot purée
· 3 cheeses 
· ice cream

· '98 St. Péray Blanc (Cave Tain) 
· '00 Tavel Rosé (Chapoutier "Beaurevoir") 
· '97 Cornas (A. Voge "Cuvée Viennes Vigne")

At Chapoutier we were led to a conference room to enjoy the tasting. Pierre provided a folder with sheets describing each wine. It was a very nice arrangement, and the wines were tasty.

· '99 St. Joseph blanc "Deschantes" (marsanne) 
· '99 Hermitage "Chante Alouette" (marsanne) 
· '98 Ermitage "Le Méal" (marsanne) 
· '97 Coteaux D'Aix-en-Provence "Domaine des Béates" (cab/syrah/grenache) 
· '99 St. Joseph rouge "Deschantes" (syrah) 
· '99 Hermitage "Le Sizeranne" (syrah) 
· '96 CNdP "Barbe Rac" (100% grenache) 
· '98 Muscat "de Rivesaltes" (dessert wine)

After the tasting we went to the retail store where I got 2 bottles each of the ’90 &’95 Barbe Rac CNdP.  Then it was back to the boat.  After resting and showering we went to a pre-dinner cocktail party sponsored by the boat people to “make up for” the problems with the lock.  It was to be a short float downriver to look at some scenic bluffs.  Well, the food ran out too early and the cocktails were horrible.  Then, as we were cruising backwards under a bridge and as the wheelhouse approached someone noticed it hadn’t been lowered sufficiently.  It was just a bit too high, but when we hit the bridge it ripped off the radar and did some damage to the top of the wheelhouse.  The captain was no where to be found.  He did appear about 10 minutes later.  Talk about an embarrassing scene!  At least we could all laugh about it, but it meant that we could no longer travel at night (radar required).  Then it was off to dinner.

· Shrimp Cocktail 
· Cappuccino of Aubergines 
· Garden Greens with Walnut Dressing 
· Escargot 
· Cassis Sorbet 
· Veal Loin with Truffled Goose Liver Gravy, Vegetables, and Duchess Potatoes 
· Cheese Cart 
· Charlotte with Raspberries

· NV Chateau La Coste Côte de Provence Rosé 
· '98 Robert Gilbourg PasseToutGrain

Tasting at Stephan Chaboud of St. Péray Tasting at Stephan Chaboud of St. Péray
M. Chapoutier! Our view of their vineyards
M. Chapoutier Vineyards M. Chapoutier Vineyards
Our group on the way to the vineyards M. Chapoutier Vineyards
Tasting area at M. Chapoutier The infamous bluff cruise
Bridge Number 1 Phew!  Made it.
Nice bluffs Pretty
Our group enjoying the cruise Bridge 2... UH OH!!  Duck!!
Ship dining room Ship dining room
Jimmie eating his escargot
Hospice du Rhone